(Mis)Adventure: Passport Renewal. Attempt Two

Since my first attempt was such a bust, I went all out for my second attempt. I arrived an hour earlier than the other, about an hour earlier. I kinda expected to be one of the first people in line but to my disappointment, when I got there there was already a line. The bright side. though, was that the line wasn’t as long the line I arrived to the previous day. It was around a feet shorter. I was confident that this time I’ll make the cut. Since they were to give out the forms at 7 am and it was only around a quarter to 6, people were already getting cranky. Then there were people who were complaining ALOUD whether they’ll be able to make the cut. I just ignored them cause I was confident that I’m on of the 230 who’ll be accommodated. I saw some of the people who were in line the previous day with me who didn’t make the cut. As 7 am got closer, a lot of people got agitated. The people who were in line with me started talking to each other, asking whether they were there to renew or to apply for a passport, where they plan to go, and their experiences abroad. I was my anti-social self so ofcourse I didn’t make contact with anyone.

Unlike the previous day, they (employees of the DFA) counted the people in line to know who’s included in the 230 that will be given forms. I was number 201, I was very surprised that I was that far of the line cause it meant there were 200 people who got there earlier than me. My Gad! THE EFFORT! But then again, at least I was gonna get my passport renewed finally cause I really can’t take another day of getting up and falling in line with annoying people that early.

Oh did I mention that while I was in line, I saw someone I went to high school with also in line. So yeah, most irritating feeling in the world, running into someone who you went to high school with you never really talked to. Like I said, I was being my anti-social self.

It took around an hour in line before I actually got my application form and like 3 minutes to fill it up. I was number 185, apparently there were people who weren’t given forms cause they lack requirements. I felt bad for them cause they were the ones who were there earlier than me and yet they weren’t accommodated. After I accomplished my form, I had two hours to kill before the mall opened cause that was our instruction. We were to go to the DFA office located at the second level of the mall at 10 am so we can be processed.

I was too lazy walk across to McDonald’s so I ended up having breakfast at Jollibee. I was a short breakfast. So I was so irritated that I had more than an hour to kill before the mall would open, then to make things worse, my phone was low bat. I just hanged out there till the mall opened cause there were nowhere else to go that was open that time. I could have gone to Starbucks but I was already there the other day and it was too much of an effort.

When the mall finally opened and all the people who were in line a few hours ago were already crowding the DFA office, I decided to walk a few laps around the mall to pass some time. I was 185 any way, I figured that if I waited around for my number to be called I’ll just end up dying of boredom. After two laps around the mall, I decided to buy myself a magazine to keep me company while I sit my ass on one of the benches. I bought myself one of those bridal magazines seeing that I’m behind in all the planning for my upcoming wedding (yes, I’m really getting married). After purchasing my magazine, I found myself an available seat and sat there with my magazine. I assumed that I’ll be called by the time I finished my magazine but I was so wrong. As it turned out, I wasn’t as clueless and ill informed as I though cause I already knew about most of the things in the magazine from attending that Bridal Expo last Feb (which I still haven’t blogged about) so I was done and bored with my magazine sooner than I thought. To make matters even more frustrating they were still calling out the first 50 applicants. They weren’t even anywhere near my number.

By the time they were beginning to call out the second 50 applicants or so, I was bored beyond reason and frustrated cause my phone already died. To save myself from lashing out on the irritating people behind me, I got up and did another lap of window shopping around the  mall. Since it was the third time I’ve gone around the same mall in the same day, it wasn’t long till I was back to where I started. Someone was already in my seat so I stood around a while till I remembered that I haven’t had lunch yet.  Since I was too lazy to walk around the mall again, I just order Hong Kong noodles from the nearest stall near the DFA office. When I was done with my lunch, I then decided to get my nails done since I wanted to sit and because my nails badly needed it.

The nearest nail salon was Nailcoholics, so that’s where I went. There was no one there so it was pretty peaceful and relaxing. Seeing as that I was the only customer, I asked if I could plug my phone cause I badly needed to charge it. Not just because I was bored and my phone would greatly help with it but also because it’s been hours since I last talked to my boyfriend. He must have been going crazy by then. They were nice enough to let me charge my phone. I got to chill for about an hour and my nails were clean and trimmed, it was money well spent. By the time I was about to leave, I was pretty confident that they were already about to call my number. My positive vibes were crashed moments later when I walked back to the DFA and found out that they were just about to finish calling out the second 50 applicants.  I was running out of things to do while I wait for my passport to be renewed. But since I had my phone again, I just decided to sit in the nearest empty bench and BBM with the boyfriend. Having my phone back helped pass the time severely but my phone’s battery was about to go empty again.

It was already 3pm when I was called but it was senseless. They just asked me to go into the DFA and scan through the application form I accomplished earlier and asked me to photocopy my old passport and the other ID I brought. That was it, I was asked to wait for my number to be called again for processing. It was irritating. I waited half a day to be screened and I was to wait around again to finally be processed?! What were they doing with my application form all day? But I figured that I toughed it out this long better stick to it for a few more hours so I’ll finally be done with my passport renewal. I sat myself back down and waited… and waited… and waited.. It was the longest day of my life, I SWEAR!

It was a good thing that “Kapatid” arrived to sit with me. He helped me pass the time. I was called for processing around 5pm. They asked for my old passport, asked whether the information I provided them was true and then punched holes in my old passport and sign a form saying that my old passport was released to me. I also paid for my new passport then that was it, I was asked again to exit and wait around for my number to be called AGAIN so they can encode my information and take my picture for my new passport. It was weird though cause even though there were already less people who were waiting around to get their passport processed, the volume of people hanging around the DFA wasn’t thinning out.

It was around 6:30pm when I was finally called for the final step of my passport renewal. Seeing that it was already the last step, I assumed that it would be the shortest step but boy, was I so wrong. there were twelve of us inside the DFA waiting for our number to called for the encoding. It was such a long day that when it was my turn to get my passport picture taken, I didn’t even bother to fix my hair or anything. I just really wanted the day to be over with.

Finally, after I filled out the delivery slip for my passport, the day was finally over. I couldn’t wait to get on a bus and sleep throughout the travel back to Manila. The day I got my passport renewed was definitely one of the longest of my life as well as the most irritating. I’ve learned my lesson, I’ll schedule my next passport renewal properly cause I don’t want to go through this shit anymore.

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